Halal Mini Buffets: Versatile Catering for Small Gathering

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FEBRUARY 28, 2024

Halal Mini Buffets: Versatile Catering for Small Gathering

Mini buffet catering also known as Drop off Catering option for small gathering of around 20 people or more. It comes in disposable containers with a sealed sleeve covers and includes disposable utensils like ladles, spoon, forks, plates, drinks and serviette.
Mini buffets offer a variety of small portions different foods variety in a set menu. For the set menu comes in a starting price of RM32.00 – RM45.00 per person with types of cuisine.

  • Mini Buffet Western
    • Chicken & Cheese Quiche, Fried Potato Wedges, Tomato Basil Rice, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Tuscan Roasted Chicken Breast with Black Pepper Sauce, Marinara Fillet Fish, Roasted Vegetables, Dark Chocolate Muffins and Ice Lemonade.
  • Mini Buffet Japanese
    • Deep Fried Gyoza, Tamagoyaki Omelet, Garlic Golden Rice, Stir-fry Udon Noodles, Chicken Curry Katsu, Teriyaki Fillet Fish, Wafu Salad, Konnyaku Jelly and Cold Brew Green Tea.
There are more menu varieties you can choose from at www.legumes.com.my  and its suitable for casual events like open house, office luncheon, birthday, seminar and trainings.

Benefits of Mini Buffets for Gatherings

Mini buffets have a variety of menu options to suit different tastes and dietary needs. You can choose from meaty, vegetarian or seafood menus.

Portion Control
The menu items is served in individual portion which also help to reduce food wastage and gives you dining experience everywhere you be.

These mini buffets come ready to serve in disposable containers with heat seals and covers. No cooking or messy cleanup required.

It’s a budget friendly since they cater to small groups and you can enjoy a delicious variety of food at lower costs.

So there you have it, halal mini buffets are the perfect choice for small gathering. You may visit our website at www.legumes.com.my to view the menu selection and you can order directly from our website. Give a try for your next gathering or festive session.

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