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About Us
LEGUMES, a leading halal catering service provider and food manufacturer, is strategically located in Puchong, a major town in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. With our unwavering commitment to halal practices, we have earned the trust of our valued clients in the corporate and government sectors. Backed by a decade of experience, we take pride in our state-of-the-art kitchen facility, equipped with cutting-edge equipment imported from Germany. This allows us to offer an exceptional range of halal catering services, specializing in corporate bento and seminar catering. We prioritize food safety and quality, which is why we adhere to the rigorous ISO 22000 food safety management system.
Our Vision
To be the best contract foodservice provider and caterer in Malaysia well known for our great people and service.
Our Mission
Our Halal Commitment
We are committed to process Halal FOOD which complies with Islamic Law or Shariah which must be:
  • Hygienic.
  • Not harmful to health.
  • Free from any parts of animal origin that is forbidden by the shariah.
  • Free from anything regarded as 'filth' (najis) under Islamic law.
  • Meets Halal requirements as per MS 1500: 2019
LEGUMES have set up the Halal Committee comprising Muslim Halal Officer to be responsible for all matters pertaining to Halal compliance and Halal Management System. This integrated halal process starts from control of raw materials to manufacturing, packing, storing and distributing the products so that it is halal, quality and safe for consumption.
Our Food Safety Commitments
Legumes is committed to ensure food safety assurance and production of high quality food service product through:
  • Compliance towards ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP Food Safety Management System
  • Conformance of food statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Meet the requirements in mutually agreed customers’ requirement in food safety and quality
  • Communicate Legumes Food Safety Commitment to all departments in the organisation
  • Ensuring sufficient resources for effective implementation of Food Safety Management System
  • Promoting continual improvement of the systems by implementation and monitoring of objectives and other means necessary
Production (Cooking) of Ambient/Hot/Chill/Frozen Ready to Eat Meals (Covering Rice, Meats, Vegetables & Its Combination) for Food Service
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